Strengthens the immune system, protects the human body from various diseases, and neutralizes toxins. When wearing genuine unpolished jewelry, amber will also protect you from dehydration. Amber also has sedative properties, so it will help those who are anxious and stressed. Amber necklaces for babies are especially popular today, and they are designed to come off easily and help little ones struggle with growing toothache.

Amber will also help those who want to improve their thyroid function and regain inner energy and peace.

Does a gemstone help us

Agate - It is one of the oldest minerals used on earth - more than 8,000 m. Agate is always colored, usually gray, gray-blue and white, blue-white, blue, light pink, creamy white, pink, occasional green-blue, red-blue, red-brown, brown, yellow-brown, orange to gray-black, and green agate. Agate stands out for its amazing variety of drawings. Due to its unique composition and structure, this mineral has been used in jewelry making since time immemorial. In the agate drawings you can see the forest of Gūdai, the fantastic underwater world, sometimes - even the most unexpected scenes - portraits.

Amber jewelry supplier

It is not difficult to choose a supplier of Baltic amber jewelry, it is one of the suppliers of AMBERLILA company, which sells unique amber and gemstone beads and jewelry. A larger order can be arranged to order, so the bracelets or necklaces will be made according to the desired design. Choose the AMBERLILA store and be a successful seller in the market now.

Teething necklaces for baby gifts

Looking for a christening gift? it is a unique opportunity to buy the now so widespread amber necklaces for babies or children. Teething necklaces are made of amber or gemstone beads. Therefore, each bead is unique and distinctive. You can already buy teething necklaces as a gift idea from the AMBERLILA store.

Does amber affect our body

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